How UiPath is very Powerful for Complex Test Automation?

Use Case for Test Automation:

Automate end to end flow and verify all business cases are working as expected, having more than 170 steps, 3 Web-Based Platforms including integration with DocuSign, and video conferencing app, and email outlook for the Legal based web application.

Proposed Solution:

We have automated such end-to-end flow with 100% Test Coverage and login with 3 different users and performing the execution of cases parallel on Chrome, Mozilla and Edge browsers.

We are capable to execute end-to-end longer flow smoothly by using the UiPath Test Suite and our STEP Propritery RTA Framework.

After giving efforts of only 60hrs, our Robotic Automation Development team has satisfactorily completed it and we have given a demonstration to our client.

If we are automating the same end to end workflow by using any other traditional test automation tools (Scripting Automation), it would not possible typically to achieve 100% test coverage due to limitations of technology, and even if we tried then we must need to develop the complex customized code with having the involvement of highly skills experts and still it would take efforts of around 360hrs, which is 6 times higher than UiPath.

Here, we can say that using UiPath + RTA Framework, we are capable to achieve the below goals of POC:

  1. More rapid implementation of POC that is 6X Faster.
  2. 100% Test Automation Coverage, including all steps and all cases.
  3. Able to achieve 170+ steps and integration with 4 Interfaces (3 Web and 1 Email Outlook), which includes a very high complexity of Automation.
  4. Continue running end-to-end flow, with smooth execution which has taken around 27 minutes.
  5. Detailed HTML Report to identify Test Execution Dashboard, stepwise details for each test execution, and test case execution logs as well.

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