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Start a Career in Script Less Test Automation

Why Training from STEP One Step Ahead ?

Automation is crucial nowadays. If you are not equipped with automation skills you will fall behind in your Software Quality Assurance and Testing Career. Scriptless-Test-Automation training is the future of the automation industry and we want you to be ahead of the game. UI Path is the trending innovative tool that brings you to the development platform without coding. Yes, you heard that right.No coding will be required and you will be learning automation by using drag and drop activities that will completely replace coding. You will be in the position to create scripts 50% faster than anyone who is using traditional automation tools such as Selenium, TestComplete, UFT, or Ranorex.

We understand what is required to work in the corporate industry. We have designed our unique course in such a way that you gain maximum information and gather thorough knowledge with practical experience. We engage our students to work on real Automation projects and apply our proprietary framework. At the end of the Scriptless-Test-Automation training program, we make sure you become a Test Automation Engineer who can act as a Pillar in your organization for any types of automation testing activities. We will help you to understand and implement an end-to-end journey, right from identification of automation opportunities to implementation & maintenance.

Our highly experienced Mentors have successfully completed over 100 automation projects in various domains such as Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Human Resource, Automotive, Utility, Ecommerce sectors & many more.

We have expertise in grooming students and showing them the roadmap to the corporate world. Our mission is to equip every student with the right knowledge, so he/she can support any automation project relating to API, Web, Mobile, or Client-server environments.

100+ students trained by our highly trained instructors are currently employed with Software companies around the world. The Expert Automation Services and the deeply collaborative, academically rigorous training model provide you with a new way to experience Traditional Automation Testing without any coding. You will gain the skills, confidence, and support to enact true change to influence your real-world challenges.

Benefits and Unique Offerings

  • Unique and most comprehensive 3 Months program covering all aspects of Automated Testing.
  • Get trained by Automation Architects in automation best practices.
  • Working closely side by side with Automation Test Engineers on real live projects.
  • Certification from a Global IndependentSoftware Testing Company which won over 75 awards
    and recognitions.
  • Interact with real customers and clients on the conference calls.
  • Learn to organize real-world workflow automation projects.
  • Interactive hands-on learning with tons of examples, exercises, homework, quizzes, and exams.
  • 21 professionally designed and interactive lectures by a Senior Automation Architect that will ensure you will gain the knowledge necessary to not only pass any interviews but work independently from day one.
  • The opportunity provided to top students and be selected for a full-time job at STEP One Step Ahead.
  • Gain insights into Scriptless Automation, framework design, continuous integration implementation, and many other topics.
  • Develop skills necessary to debug and troubleshoot any script failures.
  • Gain expertise in Desktop, Web, API, and Citrix Automation.
  • Understand the reusability of automation by implementing different templates.
  • Use a customized framework and build a structured business automation process.
  • How to calculate ROI (Return On Investment) for any Automation Project

What will Students Gain Out of this Unique Course?

  • By the end of the course, you will be able to automate any functionality and User Interface for any application within any industry.
  • Continuous support throughout the program by our senior Automation Test Engineers in answering all queries and questions.
  • Logical skills development.
  • Real project planning, estimation & hands-on experience.
  • Personalized attention to every student.
  • Professionally designed course material
  • Troubleshooting skills to debug any script-related problems and issues.
  • Live projects, Design complex frameworks, and Design interactive Reports.
  • Ability to automate any real-time application and design framework from scratch.
  • Interview preparation and interview mock-up sessions.
  • Resume design.
  • Guidance and coaching in job search activities.

Course Content:

Test Automation Introduction
  • Why Script Less Test Automation now?
  • Why Automation Skills are Popular Nowdays?
  • What is Test Automation?
  • Difference between Manual and Automation Testing
  • What is Traditional Test Automation?
  • What is Script Less Test Automation?
  • Difference between Selenium and UiPath Studio
  • How to start Test Automation?
  • How to conduct a Feasibility Study?
  • Advantages of STA
STA Ecosystem Overview and Installation
  • UiPath Studio
  • UiPath Robot
  • Orchestrator
  • Installation and Configuration of STA Tools
Variables and Arguments
  • Variables Panel
  • Understanding Variables in UiPath
  • How to create variables?
  • Variables best practices
  • Data Types in UiPath
  • Scope of Variable
  • What are the Arguments in UiPath?
  • What are the Types of Arguments?
  • How to create Arguments?
Loops and Conditions
  • Introduction to Control Flows
  • If/Else Activity
  • Flow Decision Activity
  • For Each Row and For Each Activity
  • While, Do While & For Each Activity
  • Switch Activity
  • Flow Switch Activity
  • Use of Repetitive Structure
Object Capturing / Selectors Strategy
  • What are the Selectors?
  • How to Access & Define Selectors?
  • Understanding Ui Explorer for the selector
  • Anchor Base and Relative Selector Types of Selectors
    (Partial & Full Selectors)
  • Dynamic Selectors with variables, arguments &
    wild chart characters (“*”,”?”) (Part of hands-on project)
Input Methods
  • What are Inputs Methods?
  • Type of Input Methods
  • Default Input Method
  • Send Window Messages Input Method
  • Simulate Keys Input Method
  • Comparison of all Input Methods
Output Method
  • What are Output Methods?
  • Types of Outputs
  • Screen Scrapping
  • Native Text Scrapping Method
  • Get Full-Text Method
  • Get OCR Method
  • Structured Data
  • Get Text Method
Debugging and Exception Handling
  • What is Debugging?
  • Exception handling in UiPath Studio
  • What is an exception?
  • Types of exceptions (System &Business Exceptions)
  • Techniques of exception handling
  • Try-Catch Method
  • Throw Method
  • Logging
Web Automation Testing
  • Overview web Automation Testing
  • Given
  • When
  • Then
  • Multi Browser Automation
Desktop Automation Testing
  • Overview Desktop Automation Testing
  • Given
  • When
  • Then
Email Automation
  • Introduction to E-mail Automation
  • Interacting with E-mails (Outlook, Gmail)
  • Read E-mail message, move aE-mail, reply to
    an e-mail Message
  • Send New E-mail Message
  • Save Attachments
  • Save E-mail message
Excel Automation
  • UI path Excel Activities
  • Excel Application Scope
  • Execute Macro
  • Reading Excel Table (Cells & Range)
  • Writing data to Excel (Cells & Range)
  • Append Data, Insert or Delete Rows & Columns
  • Data Table Activities in UiPath
  • Update or Modify Data Table Properties
  • Filter or Sort Data Tables
  • Read, Write & Append to CSV
  • “For Each Row” in Data Table
PDF Automation
  • Introduction to different types of PDFs
  • UiPath PDF Activities Package
  • Read PDF Text
  • Read PDF OCR Text
  • Use of Anchor Base Activity
  • Screen Scrapping Feature
Mobile Automation Testing
  • Overview of Mobile Automation
  • Installation and Configuration of Appium with Ui Path
  • Creating Virtual Device
  • Mobile Automation Package and Activities
  • Object Capturing
  • Browserstack Cloud Platform Integration
API Automation
  • Overview of API Automation
  • REST API Automation
  • GET Method
  • POST Method
  • DELETE Method
  • PUT Method
  • HEAD Method
  • MERGE Method
  • PATCH Method
STA Framework
  • What is Framework?
  • Data-Driven Framework
  • Reporting in HTML
  • Overview Devops and why need it?
  • GIT with Ui Path
  • Jenkins with Ui Path for CI/CD
  • Introduction to UiPath Orchestrator
  • Understanding Orchestrator components
  • UiPath Orchestrator Mobile Application
  • Publishing Process from UiPath Studio to Orchestrator
  • Connect Orchestrator & Robot
  • Configuring Machines in Orchestrator
  • Creating Robots, Environment, Test Suite, Packages & Jobs
  • Using Orchestrator Triggers
  • Test Cases Execution & Monitoring
  • Assets & Queues
  • Orchestrator Logs
Test Management Tools Integration
  • What are Test Management tools?
  • Jira Integration with UI Path
  • Real Project Automation

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