About us

About Us

Our vast experience with recent industry standard methodologies in this field allows us to offer innovative perspectives to our clients and often leads to process optimization and execution excellence. Standing on the founding stone of collaboration and not competition, we at STEP One Step Ahead root for excellence when it comes to delivering solutions and we take pride in our clients success brought by our excellent services and products. With ROBOGILE, Robostep and RoboController we thrive to lead the industry of RPA Solutions over various Business sectors. STEP One-step ahead is multi-award winning Inc. is multi-award winning.

Our Mission - About us 2

Our Mission

At STEP one step ahead we are solely focused on HIGH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Now it may sound like a buzz word but if we deliver efficient and effective solutions, our clients success is representative of our company’s Quality. Therefore we make it our primary mission to deliver cost effective RPA Solutions and a smooth experience symbolizing overall success of our clients and their clients ahead.
We look forward to unleashing our client’s true business potentials by Implementing RPA solutions, such that our company shall serve as a one stop solution for our customers. We also train professionals with all round programs to help them rise to leadership.

Why Choose Us?

Experience | About us


We do not learn from our experience, We grow when we learn to reflect upon our experience.

Attitude | About us


We never knowingly compromise on our standards and values, passionately believing in collaborative and mutual growth.

Expertise | About us


Our USP lies in our excellent Products, ROBOGILE, Robostep and RoboController. The points on steponestepahead.in seem perfect, i’ll just suggest you to change their titles and make them short.

we think CREATIVE | About us

we think CREATIVE

creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected
we stand for SIMPLICITY | About us

we stand for SIMPLICITY

STEP uses AI & ML on live application to repeatedly test and rectify any bugs before any of our clients customer faces an issue.
we follow a rule TEAMWORK | About us

we follow a rule TEAMWORK

coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success
we do amazing PROJECTS | About us

we do amazing PROJECTS

we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we Face challenges
we do it on TIME | About us

we do it on TIME

meeting deadline is not good enough, beating the deadline is our expectation
we are focused for QUALITY | About us

we are focused for QUALITY

for us quality means doing it right when no one is looking and its result of our intelligent efforts

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the AGE of Robotics and Smart Tech Revolution, by helping existing businesses in Digital Transformation of their Workspaces, where in we uplift professionals at our RPA University as well as provide Solutions along with R&D. Looking forwards, we see ourselves as a passionate company focused on high quality and affordable solutions.

Along with RPA University, we thrive to educate and advocate Robotics professionals globally. Our blogs and forums are synonymous to this vision of ours, thereby providing a canvas for RPA Professionals across the globe to share their ideas and experiences.

RPA vision

Our Values

Nobility with Transparency

Our teams maintain transparent relations with our clients delivering live updates, unlike other companies which only bring you the sugar coated good news and updates. Our RPA experts blend in as part of our clients organization to help them transcend their business to a higher league.

Innovation with Caution

Our RPA experts highly encourage out of the world solutions, they understand the value of creativity and innovation. But always expressively focus on quick returns for the clients investments. Well, innovation should never side line business targets.

Customer Oriented Perspective

Customer satisfaction and Returning Customers are key factors for an excellent business. Hence we maintain a true partnership with our clients. We value our clients trust for investing in us and want to provide them with excellent returns. And we preach, success always follows excellence.


Our RPA team members deserve huge respect for their dedicated work, they have always been invested with STEP as team and not working for STEP. Their cumulative experience brings positive improvements into our workflow. Therefore we encourage rewarding them with deserving incentives and benefits.

Our Values | About us

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