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Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation Services Inculcate intelligent automation to enhance productivity

Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation Services Unleash the Potential of ROBOGILE

Robotic Process Automation Services

We empower businesses to access the full potential of their employees and integrate automation into a business context, to manage the processes that are important for them.

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Robotic Process Automation

Achieve greater business impact by automating tasks with the help of our intelligent automation solution.

Robotic Application Monitoring

STEP uses AI & ML on live application to repeatedly test and rectify any bugs before any of our clients customer faces an issue.
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Script Less Test Automation

Take the testing burden off your developers with STEP's Script Less Test Automation solution. You can perform the fastest checks on the quality of applications before it goes live.
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Our RPA experts help in depth with all organizational changes to setup a CoE and its respective cooperation with IT.

BOT Audit

We provide our customers with the most appropriate solutions for their needs. We examine existing BOTs and implement required solutions to improve their functioning.

BOT Store

We believe, it's time to move beyond the traditional approach of individually tailored programs. Our Intelligent Automation solution store provides ready-to-deploy BOTs which require minor customizations to go live.

Innovate. Automate. Grow.

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Robotics Application Monitoring

Conduct detailed testing on live apps and web apps to improve overall customer experience of your apps.
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Robot Controller

Our Robot Controller is designed for easy operation, it provides access to manage, monitor, audit reports and prioritize work queues to ensure robots perform without any disturbances.

Metrics Alert

Custom set Metrics Alert to get notified whenever a metric is achieved to further gauge ROI over project implementation.
Test Management Tool

Test Management Tool

A consolidated and user friendly dashboard tool for accurate, fast and recurrent Automated Quality Analysis.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Beyond Six Sigma

Reduce your daily work volume, boost performance and decrease process variation with 100% of accuracy for every task.

Human mimicry

Bots mimic actions performed by humans sitting at their workstations. RPA automates systems that can’t be automated using traditional tools with minimal upfront investment.

24x7 Operations

Process data, update CRM and reconcile your bank statements anytime. Get error alerts in real time 24/7.

Quick deployment

Optimize and automate your manual processes in 4-8 weeks.

Faster ROI realization

Don’t wait for years to achieve desired ROI – STEP helps you realize it in weeks or months.

AI and machine learning integration

Take your RPA implementation to new heights: Deploy bots that learn and help you solve problems quickly and efficiently.

One bot – multiple processes

Schedule multiple processes and let a bot automate them for you. A single bot can be configured to perform several actions at once.

Multiple applications

Whether it’s your ERP, web apps, desktop apps or documents, bots interact seamlessly with multiple applications.

RPA benefits

RPA Services Business Sector Spectrum

The advantages of Robotic Process Automation Services can evidently be witnessed in the following sectors and their respective processes The introduction of RPA services has only led to more profits and quicker ROI. Indulge in the automated business processes anywhere trend and watch RPA service company lubricate/grease your business process cogs and gears for increased productivity.

Finance & Accounting

RPA in Finance. Major processes in these sectors follow repetitive and rule based tasks, where in the expertise of RPA stands strong automating the process. Equipped to handle meticulous business processes efficiently, with minimal or no errors and zero downtime. Streamline mundane processes like Invoice Genertaion, 3-Way Matching, Expense Management, Update Exchange Rates and many more, using  RPA Company capabilities which require minimal or no human intervention.


Handling employee data, like On-boarding, Off-boarding, Leave Management, Background Checks, etc, is a tedious task and overwhelming when it comes to big organizations. Although with Robotic Process Automation Services and RPA Solutions, transform these processes for automatic and quick record keeping activities thereby saving time for valuable use and avoid any possible flaws.


Similar to HR, Managing payroll on a regular basis, Calculating Earnings and Deductions, Reporting & Auditing Payrolls and Data Validation are highly important and meticulous tasks. RPA tools are more than capable of handling such rote processes efficiently and can be scaled to handle similar processes across the globe for the entire organization.

Sales & Marketing

Digital transformation has been a blessing for these sectors and with RPA software we can raise them to the next level if an organization chooses to implement RPA. RPA Bots are capable of functioning across different applications to seamlessly handle processes of Brand Marketing, Competitor Monitoring, Invoice Processing, Marketing Campaign Administration, Sales and Purchase Orders etc, wherein importing, validating and updating data is a more than just a perk.


RPA has made a huge impression in Operations sector, transforming business processes across different industries, enabling faster results and streamlining back-office processes. CRM, Inventory Management, Licensing and Registration, Backoffice Operations, Compliance Reporting are a few of the processes common across different industries, which can easily be accelerated using RPA.

Customer Services

Addressing Customers unique needs has become pivotal for flourishing of businesses. Digital transformation of businesses requires the aid of RPA for customers account related services like, Account Sign Up, Unlocking Accounts, Support Tickets, Escalation Management, etc.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

The RPA Journey grants your organization the power of fast and efficient data management and automate business. RPA Technology proves to be beneficial when the process data is put under the microscope for predictive and prescriptive analysis, reducing downtime and over-head costs, intelligent automation,  automating inventory management for responsive stock handling and order processing. Processing business orders of Materials and Purchases, managing Inventory and logistics and keeping tabs on gate entries and material entries, Order Status & Processing, Shipment Status & Processing, Customer On-boarding, Refunds & Returns, etc are a few of the processes that can be streamlined end-to-end using RPA. Excelling as a leading RPA services company in the USA.

Information Technology(IT)

Robotic Process Automation Services is capable of functioning around the clock without any requirement for human supervision. Many processes in IT sector tend to be monotonous and are time consuming when carried out by humans. To name a few: Administration of Database & System, Network Support Supervision, Backup & Patch Management, User experience and Data migration are processes that can immediately automated using leading RPA bots, RPA system integrators, and RPA software. It also helps in reducing cost for the shared services and automating business.


Banking sectors require maintaining and updating huge records of customer data on a regular basis. Processing customer information like Account Opening & Closing Credit Card and Mortgage, Fraud Detections, Accounts Payable and Closures Status, KYC and MIS are prime examples of diligent data keeping which is not only a perk but the most robust benefit of RPA Company. Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term for technologies like RPA. Using RPA to build a digital workforce and creating a business case for scaling RPA in banking.


Healthcare staff already have their hands full with aiding patients and assisting doctors. Therefore using RPA for handling tasks like Appointment Scheduling, Account Settlements, Business Case, Streamlining Claim Managements, Implementing discharge and Recording Audit Procedures is a feasible choice since RPA can keep up with the fast-paced requirement of hospital environment. Automating the process. We are one of the top companies offering RPA services.


Big pharma companies conduct researches and keep up with regulations to bring their research to markets. A few processes across this sector like Clinical Development, Commercial Operations, Rebates and Regulatory checks can be effortlessly automated by implementing RPA bots and cut down on error rates, thereby reducing remedial costs as well. Most efficient RPA services company for automation.


Empower your insurance organization with RPA, capable of quick and automatic data gathering and processing related to applicants. Claims Processing, Business and Process Analysis, Regulatory Compliance, Policy & Form Registration and Cancellation, etc processes can be automated to reduce processing time, cost reductions, minimize error and improve customer and employee experience.

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Robotic Process Automation Services

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Robotic Process Automation Services

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