BOT Audit Perform meticulous audit on your existing RPA system and drive up BOT efficiency

BOT Audit

BOT Audit

The Automation industry has just began its boom and we can see its wide-spread growth over all industry sectors. Many repetitive processes have been taken over by Automated Software “Robots” or BOTs. Depending on the size of the organization, we observe a complexity in BOTs maintenance as compared to its implementation. The necessity of managing risks when deploying RPA technology is understood by us and that’s what a BOT Audit can help you with. Understanding the multi-threaded business processes that the BOT handle, apart from its own defined tasks of security, controls, and log reports. We study the organizational changes that are made while implementing a process Automation BOT since we understand that if it not done properly it may lead to risk exposure as compared to other applications.

Hence our BOT Auditors sit down with the respective organizations leaders to examine the business case thoroughly, planning each phase with necessary assumptions, learning the hierarchy of the BOT environment in the organization and going through reports of previous audits and BOT performances. Our BOT auditors precisely check compliance policies and processes with respect to deployment and maintenance of BOTs. We maintain our own checklist for BOT Audit from the point of view of every involved risk and respective considerations.

Phases of BOT


In-depth study of all processes with RPA implementations for audit planning and risk assessments. Involve necessary specialist of processes


Auditing BOTs requires auditing its code/workflows and all the information provided by the BOT and used by it in control.

Design evaluation

Test and Evaluate: a) Controls from design perspective; b) Exception handling mechanisms and c) Information produced and used by BOTs.

Operating effectiveness

Perform rigorous controls testing and minimal substantive testing. Followed by auditing the process governance team and their roles.


Detailed documentation of Gaps in the system, logs of processes, audit trails are submitted to the organization for future use.

Key Risks & Mitigations

RPA Governance

Set-up a RPA governance framework for the organization along with its COE, to define the scope of all BOT delivery models.


Determining which processes actually require automation. As there are risks of introducing BOTs which may reduce effectiveness of the process.


For smooth functioning of the BOT it is necessary to design processes to handle source data, maintain data life cycles, securities and confidentiality.

Development and Testing

BOTs may malfunction due to coding errors. Hence the development team should comply with organizations principles for IT development and test the BOT prior to implementation.

Live Monitoring

Depending on the levels of risks, human supervision by process owner is necessary. Our audit team defines new metrics as per organizations requirements to get alerted when the metric gets checked.

Change Management

Changes to the robot may damage its effective purpose. BOTs may fail to process as desired due to a changing business model or operating environment.

Process continuity

Our BOT Auditors will ensure organizations have a back-up business plan of procedures and sources of data required to complete the work in case of BOT breakdown.

Benefits of BOT Audit

BOT Licenses

Timely Checks for organization software Licenses and respective compliances

Strategise RPA & Governance Body

Analyze the impact of RPA on control privileges, monitoring mechanisms and operations process. Assess changes in roles and responsibilities after RPA Implementation

Data Security & Privacy

Check for data accuracy, security and integrity

Cyber Threats

Auditing cyber security of organization and extending it to cover BOT environment

Incident Management

Mandatory check over Incident reporting, analysis and handling with respect to RPA environment

Business Progression

Design or assess the clients contingency plans of Complete IT Failure, Recovering capabilities, Manual takeover

Regulatory Compliance

Regular BOT implementation impact BOT security and data management assessment

Identity Controls Management

BOT process controls and User process controls are separately maintained and check for BOT admin access

Benefits of BOT Audit

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