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At STEP we maintain an inventory of ready to deploy RPA BOTs, for plug-n-play automation of processes. Unlike traditional systems that require cycles of development and maintenance, our BOT Store brings you enterprise ready BOTs that are 70% ready for deployment. Rest 30% are tailored to the clients business needs.

STEP BOT Store has many instant purpose, ready to go live automation BOTs for businesses to venture into RPA on small projects or automate an entire department. Just search our BOT Store for your desired automated process and reduce the initial development investments and realize quicker returns.

Benefits of BOT Store


Multiple processes in these industries require handling client information repeatedly. Automating such processes lowers the probability of errors and saves time.

Sales and Marketing

Employees in these sectors generate and process lot of data on a regular basis. Our BOTs are capable of secure and fast data management and maintenance, hence automating tasks with information creation and management is highly recommended.


CRM, Inventory, Vendor and Licensing Management are widely automated Operations processes since they are dreary to keep up with on a daily basis. Automation BOTs equips your business with required speed and accuracy.

Supply Chain

Managing order, shipment, customer, supply and returns requires great attention to detail and accurate maintenance of records. Hence most suitable for automated BOTs.


In manufacturing sectors, billing, materials sourcing, inventory and logistics processes are quickly automated with ready to deploy BOTs from our store.

IT Automation

Automate everyday IT tasks and improving incident escalation and resolution. We bring you advance capabilities like rapid API integrations, chatbot, data maintenance and information retrieval with our BOTs.

Customer Services

Customer account management tasks like password reset mechanism, support tickets and escalation of issues can be easily managed and ensured by using BOTs, focusing primarily on customer satisfaction

Human Resources

In big organizations, human resource management performs meticulous and repetitive tasks of managing employee information and disbursing their payments regularly. Automating these valuable processes with our BOTs can free up more time for the staff to focus on employee satisfaction.

Health care

Hospital staff already have their hands full with handling patients medical needs. Hence for managing patients medical data, and hospitals information, deploying automated BOT is your best choice. Patients medical history can be maintained and made available when needed.


In pharma companies clinical development, commercial operations and regulatory submissions employ heavy information management systems regularly. Ensure smooth functioning your pharma business using our BOTs.

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