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What is an RPA CoE?

What is an RPA CoE?

RPA is known to thrive in business fields of BFSI, Accounting, and HR increasing the overall productivity. We have witnessed RPA’s widespread growth across various business sectors, with benefits for a consumer-driven market where speed is an essential asset. As RPA grows within an enterprise, complex decisions related to deploying technology, managing organizational changes, and meeting technical, and performance standards are determined beforehand. In huge organizations rapidly implementing RPA to achieve certain business goals, setting up an RPA Center of Excellence becomes a necessity. However, establishing an aptly structured and accurately functioning RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) requires critical business understanding, planning, experience, and effort.

A competent RPA CoE Setup empowers our clients to entirely integrate RPA and introduce robots that make processing faster, efficient and reduce valuable time and capital investments

An RPA CoE allows businesses to automate mundane tasks thus saving human efforts and utilizing it for creating strategies and governing the business.

Functions of RPA CoE

RPA CoE is ideally meant to provide critical services to entire organizations RPA deployments, for both BOTs and humans involved. The CoE delivery phases are as following:-

  • Ensure that RPA is integrated throughout the company.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities that support all the aspects of an RPA initiative.
  • Acquire and train new resources and Change Management
  • Establish clear RPA protocols and policies along with governing bodies, segregated controls and escalation channels.
  • Ensure RPA compliance, information system securities, and regulatory standards are met.
  • Task prioritization and securing level of access provided to different teams or employees.
  • Architecture of the robotic operating environment.
  • Select the appropriate RPA suitable for the task
  • Take care of the maintenance and support aspects of these tools.
  • Boost RPA integration into critical business areas like IT Service Management and the Configuration Management Database.
  • Executes, monitors, and manages the complete life cycle of BOTs throughout the organization.
  • In charge of evaluating suitable processes and deploying RPA into determined environments for scaled solutions.
  • Assessment, development, testing, and deployment of BOTs are all take care here.
  • Change and defect management also fall under this category.
  • For successful implementation of RPA, structural changes are made within the organization.
  • Analyzes the effects of the RPA on human profiles, from a change in their respective job descriptions to overall operational department change management.
  • It also reconsider the changes in client’s organizational structure, monitor the RPA and provide support when needed.

Build your RPA Center of Excellence

RPA CoE Team
  • Define key roles and responsibilities in the RPA CoE, namely RPA Implementation Partner, Organization Change Manager, RPA Business Analyst, RPA Solution Architects, RPA Developers, RPA infrastructure and service support Engineer, RPA Tester.
  • RPA CoE Setup Team and stakeholders, all work together to deploy monitor and manage RPA implementation and measure business metrics and performance goals, including return on investment and customer satisfaction.
RPA CoE Council
  • The RPA CoE Council is a governing committee that provides overall direction for functioning approach.
  • Regular meetings between the key members from the various departments of business, IT, Finance, audit, RPA CoE and others in the organization, ensuring that RPA impacts are in line with the business objectives and expectations.
  • The CoE Council focuses on extending RPA adaption across different branches in the organization, improving overall performance.
CoE Governance Model
  • Set up a governance framework in CoE for the following:
    • Handling cross-departmental collaboration.
    • Define protocols for managing and sharing knowledge across departments.
    • Develop and apply best-case executions to each stage of an RPA implementation.
Change Management
  • Effective change management is essential for a smooth transition of a business process from manual to automated force.
  • In case of RPA, change comes faster, so the RPA CoE Setup needs to help solve operational planning, organizational restructuring and before/after work process nature.
Collaborations with IT
  • As RPA expands its tentacles across the organizations processes, IT support becomes a necessity.
  • CoE assists in IT functions of infrastructure, service/support, security and compliance.
  • CoE keeps an IT professional for coordinating with IT team about BOT implementations, performance & processes.

CoE Benefits

Big goals always start small

Visualise the big picture in mind, while taking small steps. Start small to understand the technology. Expand it to other demographics of your business for similar processes. Set up CoE keeping in perspective entire organization while working on one business unit implementation at a time.

Innovation Driven

Unlike humans, RPA Robots cannot innovate. However with human indulgence in CoE and increased free time allows ground level employees to innovate. In addition, SME’s meanwhile focus on using automation creatively.

Choosing apt resources

Selecting the right team member for CoE is as necessary as selecting the right tool for automation. A proper functioning CoE is capable of handling important tasks allowing organizations to hire employees with multi-faceted skills and ideas.

Customers Oriented

RPA CoE should always be focused on customer services. With the right CoE tools and BOTs, customer satisfaction can lead to more leads as well as more customer deals. Hence,CoE staying invested in customer experience is essential.


Business targets tend to change as it grows, and your CoE should evolve accordingly. A proper RPA CoE setup can make scaling simple as you can initialize more BOTs to do the work quicker and error free.

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