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Robotic Application Monitoring

Robotic Application Monitoring

Debug and clarify your live applications before any end users face an issue. Utilize automated Robotic Application Monitoring for BOT monitoring, reporting, and performance stats from the customer’s point of view.

STEP’s Robotic Application Monitoring, deployed on live applications and web applications to replicate the actions of end user’s transactions or paths. Our Robotic Application Monitoring experts will train BOTs using the Behavioral data of the end user to simulate the actions or transactions that usually cause bad customer experiences, executing and maintaining records of the process. Upon facing a failure, we have immediate notifications enabled using an escalation management system, bringing error-prone paths under the spotlight for further assessment. Repeatedly perform such monitoring checks on all error-prone transactions, any time of the day, with the highest accuracy, covering all possible insecurities and timely failure alerts over Email with our Robotic Application Monitoring and their BOTs. Thereby driving up customer experience on the respective applications and solving downtime-causing issues before new customers find out.

Robotic Application Monitoring Platform Overview

Business Needs

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To deploy BOTs on each and every critical business processes

To maintain logs of failed transactions and paths

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To identify errors and rectification by respective teams

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Retention of customer and customer advocacy

Our Key Capabilities

Operational & functional checks on application using RAM agents BOTs

Monitor and perform checks around the clock

Identifying issues from an end user perspective

Enhancements as per transactions or paths

BOT Maintenance of affected processes


Vigilant, 24x7 Monitoring

Monitor multiple processes over the same application with minimum or no down time and get reports of all transactions and special alerts on error detection, optimal utilization of lean hours.

Performance Checks

Beneficial for measuring uptime and response time of critical transactions and analysing performance logs for debugging.

Predictive Maintenance

Effective monitoring of any application under synthetic or minimal traffic to gauge the scope of error maintenance in the future on previously failed paths.

High Accuracy and Reliability

Understand problems from end user point of view with Screenshots and solve it before any other users are affected. Enhance app performance and customer satisfaction thereby driving up your businesses.

Benefits of Robotic Application Monitoring

Solution Delivery Approach

Robotic Application Monitoring Experts train BOTs for each transactions of the Application

Configure and Deploy BOT on the application and in STEP RAM Platform

RAM BOT executes each and every designated transactions, track performance on the RAM Platform

Update all transactions performed by the RAM BOT on RAM Execution and Dashboard Level

Send out failure alerts on desired channel and notify the respective teams

Automatic ticket logging for issue faced and allocating it to the respective teams for debugging

Examine log reports and find highlighted defects faced by user with screenshots

Escalation or prioritization management of issues sent through the funnel to the development team

After resolution of issues by development team our RAM BOT will run again and check for entire business process

Robotic Application Monitoring POC Roadmap

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