Telecom - RPA Use Cases

Telecom Overall RPA Advantages:

  • Improved Efficiency

Handling customer, products and organizations around the clock, fast and effective.

  • Secure data control

No manual interventions and errors caused due to mishandling data.

  • Customer satisfaction and retention

On time customers query resolution, accurate information provision to customers and discounts, promotional emails to customers for savings etc.

Other Processes in Telecom

Periodic report preparation and dissemination

Process Description:

  • Robotic process automation in telecom includes an instance of report auto-generation. Upon generation, the bot can also analyze the content of the report. Based on the provided criteria, it can decide which stakeholders the report is relevant to, and email it to them. The information thus flows more efficiently.
  • The Automation of :
    1. Fetch the Data from Different Sources.
    2. Processing of the data.
    3. Generate the report from the input.
    4. Email Notification to the responsible person.



  • RPA can gather and also process the accurate data automatically.
  • It can also ensure accuracy and deliver the work in a timely manner and save time.
  • Increases Work Productivity.


ROI: Between 30-60%

Reducing manual sales order processing effort

Process Description:

  • RPA technology can capture the business process tasks performed by the employees of a telecom company. Based on employees’ actions, a well-structured workflow can be generated, which serves as an infrastructure for automated processes. By mapping each process step with its associated cost for manual execution, it is easy to identify the automation of which steps lead to the highest return on investment.
  • RPA can help here with automation:
    1. Gathering data from various sources.
    2. Manipulate the data.
    3. Processing of the data
    4. Generate the report of the gathered data.
    5. Email Notification



  • Reduce the Effort to complete the task.
  • Improve Productivity
  • Decrease the cost 
  • Employee can add their productivity in other tasks


ROI: Above 40%

Customer Onboarding/Offboarding

Process Description:

  • Implementing RPA and automating the process of customer onboarding and off-boarding helps the telecom providers maintain robust clarity on all customers and their information. Further, RPA powered bots make it super easy to add customers automatically whenever a new one joins and also simple to remove when they leave.
  • The Automation of:
    1. Collect data for Onboarding and Off-Boarding processes.
    2. Update Information of Onboarding and Offboarding process.
    3. Notify about the customer status.



  • It helps the telecom sector save time.
  • Helps to reduce the chances of errors.
  • Helps to reduce costs.
  • Helps for reducing workload.


ROI: Between 50% to 70%

First Call Resolution (FCR)

Process Description:

  • RPA technology enables software bots to rapidly access data, thus assisting the telecom agents in addressing the high volumes of customer demands on their first call without having to do repeated follow-ups. Further, RPA promotes FCR rates, thus helping the telecom firms ensure customer retention and loyalty.


  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced customer retention.
  • Low Operation Costs.


ROI: More than 30%

Debt Collection

Process Description:

  • Automating the back-office process of debt collection can also be an effective RPA use case in telecom. RPA helps telecom firms to identify and collect what their organization is owed on the respective due dates.
  • The Automation of various steps of the debt collection process:
    1. Payment information updates.
    2. Due dates.
    3. Payment reconciliation.
    4. Urgent escalations.



  • Employees to be more productive by worrying less about the collection
  • Helps for reducing workload.


ROI: More than 50%

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