Scriptless Test Automation Solution for End-to-End Interfaces Integration

Use Case: 

E-commerce retail-based web portal has integrated with different backend system while doing testing needs to validate different test conditions which are triggering from Backend (Database), validate on GUI Interfaces and vice versa.  

It has given 2 Test Cases, one with positive Order Placing functionality (needs to validate Web, Database, and API Response, and has 15 steps), and another one is the negative test case of orders not getting placed with 12 steps. 


  • We have developed these 2 test cases, using UiPath Test Suite and STEP RTA Proprietary Framework by putting effort of 12 hrs. 
  • We have used UiPath Studio with the following packages for an implementation: 
  1. UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 
  1. UiPath.WebAPI.Activities 
  1. UiPath.Database.Activities 
  1. UiPath.Testing.Activities 
  • First, we have set up our Infra and framework configuration, prepared Test Data, and designed 2 TC as per Framework standard format in an excel sheet. 
  • For capturing and managing locators/selectors have configured the “Object Repository” with Projects and as best practice captured all selectors of the application as per test steps. 
  • By referring, to reference TC workflow/script (XML file) we developed test cases which are interacting with “WEB-DATABASE-API” interfaces everything we can automate using 1 Framework, 1 Tool, and 1 Developer. 
  • After performing Development and Unit Tests for both test scripts/ workflows, have performed end-to-end execution dry runs. 
  • At end of the execution, we can see an HTML report with detailed test execution logs, screenshots, and results. 

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