Robotics Application Monitoring

Client Situation / Challenge / Problem Statement

Process 1: Prize Proposal Process

  • Complex Logic to Derive Steel Prices

Business users deriving the everyday steel prices from competitor’s prices and 4 other parameters with 15+ complex rules. This is time consuming and critical process. With human intervention chances of errors are on higher side.

Process 2: Sales Contract Creation

  • Repetitive & Complex Process

Business users receiving Purchase Orders from multiple distributors and creating sales contracts in SAP. Process also includes pricing, discount calculations etc.

Process 3: Sales Order Creation

  • Repetitive & Complex Process

Business users receiving Purchase Plans from multiple distributors based on sales contract created and creating sales orders in SAP. Dispatch plans can have multiple line items with varying prices, destination etc.

Recommended Solution

RPA Team with experts created complex price calculating robots handling more than 15+ rules considering multiple parameters. With in-house SAP expertise, team implemented SAP sales contract creation and sales order creation process. Both the processes receiving data from distributor portal with database connection uploading respective details back to distributor portal.

Implementation of Key Features includes (Representation with Bullets)

  • Price proposal robot validating 15+ complex rules to derive base price with business user inputs.
  • Bot updating the proposed prices with various other parameters on client distributor portal
  • Sales contract creation robot extracting pending purchase orders from distributor portal and processing in SAP one by one
  • Sales order creation robot extracting pending purchase plans from distributor portal and processing in SAP one by one
  • Another bot uploading this report to internal application of client
  • Extensive use of SQL database for managing huge project information
  • User of Orchestrator to schedule the bots and store the Assets
  • Dynamically upscale/downscale RPA Bots as per need
Robot Controller


RPA Tool/Platform: UiPath

Database Tool: MS SQL

SAP Application

Web Distributor Portal

MS Excel for Project Reporting

RPA execution infrastructure setup

RPA Processors configuration

RPA Execution Orchestration configuration

RPA Logs/Analytics configuration


End to end TMT process automation using RPA and Web Portal Development
3 RPA Processes running in attended and unattended mode
Reduced need of FTE efforts with more Digital Workforce.
80-90% average effort reduction per process.
Highest accuracy 100% achieved by the RPA.
Increased compliance and lesser queries from distributors. This resulting in faster order creation process.

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