BPO Customer Services - RPA Use Cases

BPO/Customer Services Overall RPA Advantages:

  • Improved Efficiency

Handling customer, products and organizations around the clock, fast and effective.

  • Secure data control

No manual interventions and error caused due mishandling data.

  • Customer satisfaction and retention

On time customers query resolution, accurate information provision to customers and discounts, promotional emails to customers for savings etc.

Other Processes in BPO/Customer

Identifying the Customer in the System

Process Description:

  • The agent interacts with the customer and at the same time goes from one system to another, The database/CRM which has the customer details and the other system with more information like order status, order number, etc..
  • The Automation of 
    1. Loading a detailed customer profile from multiple systems.
    2. Processing of the data.
    3. Generate the report from the input.
    4. Email Notification to the responsible person.



  • In call centers significantly reduces the time required.
  • The customer doesn’t have to wait for the agent to load all the details
  • Improve Customer Service.
  • RPA can gather and also process the accurate data automatically
  • It can also ensure accuracy and deliver the work in a timely manner and save time.
  • Increases Work Productivity


ROI: More than 60%

Updating Customer Information in the System

Process Description:

  • As the call progresses towards the solution of the problem, the agent is required to update the data of the customer’s account. RPA enables integration of data across various fields of associated systems using a single entry by the call center agent.
  • RPA can help here with automation 
    1. Gathering data from various sources
    2. Integrations with softwares or internal systems like CRMs and other third-party tools eliminate the time spent on cross-application desktop activities.
    3. Processing of the data
    4. Generate the report of the gathered data.
    5. Email Notification



  • This eliminates the need to struggle between various systems.
  • It also mitigates the risk of potential clerical errors.
  • The agent can assist the customer satisfactorily.
  • The customer does not need to wait for the agent to deal with data.


ROI: More than 70%

Repeat Calls

Process Description:

  • In many cases, the call passes through different agents till the solution of the customer’s issue is reached. With advanced call routing tools, the repeated calls in contact centers have reduced to a large extent. But in many scenarios, depending on the nature of the customer’s problem, the call needs to pass through different agents which often needs the customer to repeat the details of the issue to various agents.
  • RPA eases the addition of different systems which support diverse agents and keep track of the progress on a specific problem, without having to monitor all the applications. Using RPA in call centers, the complete customer profile with details from the previous communications can be loaded with only a click.
  • The Automation of 
    • Track of the progress on specific problems.
    • Update Information of Onboarding and Offboarding process.
    • Notify about the customer status.



  • The agents do not need to ask for the same details repeatedly.
  • Helps call centers improve customer service remarkably.
  • Helps reduce workload.


ROI: More than 50%

Creation of summary scripts

Process Description:

  • The versatility of software robots when it comes to data formats allows them to collect and analyze input data from phone calls. This stream lines note-taking activities and allows employees to focus their attention on actually listening to (not just hearing) customers’ requests, and thus address their requests more efficiently.
  • The automatic production of summary scripts also reduces the average handling time (AHT). Consequently, employees can take more calls and be more customer-oriented, both of which contribute to boosting productivity.



  • Employee may be able to take more calls.
  • Employees Productivity increases.


ROI: More than 50%

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